About us
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KANAKIS olive mill factory

KANAKIS olive mill factory was founded in 1999 in the southwest part of GREECE which in ancient times was the kingdom of King NESTOR. We started OUT business on a fundamental principle which is reliability and respect towards the consumer. Since then a great increase in production has placed us in one of the top positions among similar enterprises that export Greek extra virgin olive oil. As far as our products are concerned, strict specifications of quality and package control are absolutely maintained.

KANAKIS olive oil comes from the best olive variety named KORONE, it is produced at low temperatures of elision (280 COLD PRESSING). Our olive mill factory uses ultramodern instruments which in combination with the immediate processing of the olive crop minimize the oxidation in the produced final product.

The unique land and climatic conditions of Messinia region, the applied systems of safety and quality (ISO 22000) as well as our experience, constitute the best guarantee for the product of the olive oil factory. That’s why the taste, the aroma and the natural ingredients of olive oils are kept unaltered.


Our company has gained many awards. Click on any logo to download pdf version of award.


Our company has gained many certifications. Click on any logo to download pdf version of certificate