Why Olive Oil
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Why Olive Oil


The pure natural juice of olives is clearly superior to every other fatty substance, whether this comes from animals (lard, butter) or vegetables (com oil, soy oil, palm oil, sunflower oil). Its taste, aromatic, nutritional and biological elements make it unique.

  • Olive oil, especially extra virgin, is the natural juice that is produced from the olive tree fruit by physical means (crushing, pressing, centrifugation), without the addition of chemical refinements or further processes. It can be immediately consumed, like all natural juices.
  • Olive oil has important aromatic substances and trace elements that make it the tastiest of all fatty substances.
  • Its calorie value doesn’t exceed that of any other fatty substances.
  • Thanks to its increased content of polyphenols and tocopherols, olive oil has a special resistance to rancidity and oxidization.
  • It is ideal for frying food, more than any seed oil, because it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and natural antioxdiizing substances.
  • The chemical composition of olive oil is ideal. Olive oil is enriched with natural antioxdiizing substances that are of the utmost importance for human health , as is shown by the latest medical studies.